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Schachenmayr | Just big

Schachenmayr | Just big

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If you are looking for the ideal yarn for quick and voluminous projects, you have found it with Just Big. A mixture of alpaca, wool and acrylic ensures lightness, volume and a soft, fluffy touch. The yarn thickness and construction ensure the necessary stability so that your new favorite pieces stay in shape. Just Big is particularly suitable for simple structured patterns in trendy oversize models such as scarves, hats and cardigans, but also for cozy cushions.


composition40% Acrylic
Tension/Gauge to 10cm11 x 7.5
Care instructions Natural drying
Liegend trocknen im Schatten
Colorsalbei meliert
Country of OriginRomania
Recommended Needles (mm/UK/US)1300
Care instructions Bleaching
Nicht bleichen
Care instructions Professional cleaning
Reinigungsverfahren für empfindliche Textilien
composition30% Alpaca
Care Instructions washing
Recommended Needles (mm/UK/US)1200
Makeupdonut ball
Recommended Needles (mm/UK/US)15.0 mm / - / -
composition30% Wool
Yarn Meterage/Yardage85m
Care instructions tumble drying
Nicht im Wäschetrockner trocknen
Recommended Needles (mm/UK/US)1400
Care instructions Ironing
Nicht heiß bügeln
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