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Katia | Azteca

Katia | Azteca

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  • Weight 100 grams
  • Length 180 meters
  • Knitting needle 5 - 5 ½
  • Season Autumn - Winter
  • Needles Size 5 mm
    5,5 mm

Product description

Azteca by Katia is a depth and coloured yarn available in a big variety of mottled tones to knit funny and happy sewing pieces. 

Who said that winter is sad? Create with Azteca yarn by Katia different funny and colorful models that suit you very well. You can make from a happy scarf to a blanket with this yarn using a mixture of different colours. Children and adults will love this soft yarn.

The yarn Katia Azteca is made by:

  • 53% Wool
  • 47% Acrylic

Natural wool fibre will maintain regulated your body temperature, guarding you from the cold in autumn and winter days. In spite of being a fine yarn, it is really warm and sheltered.

Moreover, your clothes will be very comfortable to wear because of this resistant elastic and flexible strand.

This wool form stripes of different colours and thickness with a perfect combination.  It will give a perfect  tones mixture to your sewing pieces.

You should know that Katia Azteca...

  • Each ball of yarn has 100 grams and 180 metres.
  • Its thickness is perfect to use the 5 - 5½ mm knitting needles.
  • To knit a long sleeves pull size 42 you will need 5 balls of this yarn.
  • You can make a lot of clothes using 2 balls, like a bag, a collar, a scarf, legs-warmer and slippers.
  • It is possible to put the sewing piece in the washing machine, always at 30º and short spin.
  • It is possible to iron it at 110ºC.

Katia Azteca is one of the perfect yarns to knit your original sewing pieces of winter. You will find a lot of clothes to knit sewing pieces with it, and also a lot of colour mixtures to choose the one you like most.

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